Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 774, Gilia brecciarum var. brecciarum  


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  Polemoniaceae Gilia brecciarum brecciarum
Scanned 23 Jan 2012.

Coll. No. 774, 23 Jan 2012, characters observed while keying: Annual 10-20 cm; Stem scapose (as opposed to leafy); Leaves basal 25 mm x 7 mm wide, deeply pinnately lobed, lobes pointed but not bristly, petiole winged, cobwebby hairs, not glandular, cauline reduced above, 6 mm, alternate, expanded at base, with glandular trichomes and few hairs; Infloresence open; Flowers in heads of 2-3; Calyx lobes equal, membranous between the segments; Corolla long funnelform not quite salverform, 10 mm, 2 x calyx, throat yellow, wider than tube, exserted from calyx, lobes < tube, pink at center to purple at edges; Seeds > 1 / chamber, gelatinous when wet.

Difficult to key, various keys will easily go to Aliciella leptomeria and Allophyllum giliodes, but repeated careful working led to Gilia brecciarum. Makes me think that all the collections of these three taxa in the Mono Basin should be reviewed.

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