Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 926, Prunus emarginata  


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  Rosaceae Prunus emarginata
Scanned on 28 February 2014.

The thing to see in this image is the glabrous top of the ovary and the three styles.

Coll. No. 926, 25 May 2013, characters observed: Woody shrub, 1-2 m.; Stem, glabrous, thorns 0; Leaves, ±evenly distributed on branches, simple, petiole 4 mm. + blade 17 mm. × 8-9 mm. wide, not leathery, margin entire to distally toothed, abaxially glabrous in flower, few hairs on petioles, adaxial leaf surface, and proximal margins, deciduous unknown; Petals, #5, obovate, 10 mm × 5 mm. wide; Ovary inferior, top glabrous; Styles 3; Fruit, unknown (plant in flower).

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