Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 969, Poa secunda ssp. secunda  


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  Poaceae Poa secunda secunda
Scanned on 23 Feb 2014.

Coll. No. 969, 22 May 2013, characters observed: Perennial, tufted, to 30 cm.; Stem, base not bulbous; Sheath open; Leaf, blade and sheath differentiated; Inflorescence, >> leaves, branches ascending; Spikelets, many in well-developed inflorescence, all similar, on 2 branches, 1 per node, not subtended by bristles or long-silky hairs, narrowly ovate or lanceolate (not ovate), laterally compressed; Florets, 4+ per spikelet; Callus, glabrous; Glumes, short hairy, awns 0; Lemma, ±evenly short hairy, awns 0; Anther, 1.6 mm.

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