Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 1004, Lupinus microcarpus var. densiflorus  


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  Fabaceae Lupinus microcarpus densiflorus
Scanned 18 July 2013.

Coll. No. 1004, 17 July 2013, rekeyed 28 December 2014, characters observed while keying: Most likely an Annual, ascending to erect, to 50 cm., generally hairy with hairs sloughing off; Cotyledons unknown; Stipules 7 mm.; Petioles 4 cm.; Leaves cauline; Leaflets (6)7, 25 mm. x 10 mm. wide, oblanceolate, adaxial surface finely tomentose, abaxial surface finely tomentose and ±appressed hairy; Inflorescence 15-18 cm., whorled, i.e. not one-sided; Peduncle 8 cm.; Pedicel 2.5 mm.; Bracts reflexed, sparsely hairy; Calyx, upper 5 mm., notched, lower 8 mm., long-hairy but not shaggy; Spur 0; Corolla 14 mm.; Banner, yellowish white with six purple spots, back glabrous; Wings sparsely ciliate upper margin near claw; Keel upper margin ciliate 2.5 mm. + glabrous 6 mm., lower margin glabrous; Fruit, young 13 mm., more round than elongate. The bract and calyx hairs are long but not long-shaggy as described for var. microcarpus. On the other hand, the inflorescence does not have the pronounced one-sidedness as described for var. densiflorus.

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