Eastern Mojave Vegetation Nutlets of Coll. No. 1019, Lappula redowski var. redowski occidentalis var. occidentalis  


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  Boraginaceae Lappula occidentalis occidentalis
Scanned 3 January 2015.

Coll. No. 1019, 24 Jul 2013, characters observed while keying: Annual, to 40 cm., without milky juice, ; Flowers 1 per axil; Pedicel erect in fruit; Calyx, lobes w/o teeth in fruit; Corolla, 2 mm., ±tubular, lobes blue; Receptacle, conic, ±=nutlet; Ovary, deep-lobed, style base hidden within lobes; Nutlets, ±erect (not spreading), scar lateral, straight w/o thick rim, margin prickles in 1 row, wider at base, not fused into crown, barbed.

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