Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 1025, Ericameria nauseosa var. oreophila  


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  Asteraceae Ericameria nauseosa oreophila
Scanned 5 January 2015.

The three things to see here are:

  1. The fruit is hairy, which eliminates var. leiosperma.
  2. The style appendages < stigma, which eliminates var. speciosa and others.
  3. The corolla lobes are large (2 mm.) which eliminates var. hololeuca.

Coll. No. 1025, 24 Jul 2014, characters observed whilst keying: Perennial to 1 m., stem and leaves without round, ±evenly spaced resin-filled pits; Leaves, thread-like; Phyllaries in 4 series, 2-ranked, aligned vertically, tips erect; Rays 0; Disc flowers, corolla lobes 2 mm.; Style, stigma 2.0 mm., appendage 1.8 mm.; Fruit, 2.5 mm. hairy.

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