Eastern Mojave Vegetation Flowers of Coll. No. 1135, Veronica peregrina ssp. xalapensis  


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  Plantaginaceae Veronica peregrina xalapensis
Scanned 10 October 2015.

Coll. No. 1135, 9 June 2015, characters observed: Annual herb to 18 cm., of very wet places, stem, bracts, and sepals lightly stalked glandular; Leaves, cauline, opposite, what appears to be alternate leaves above are really bracts of inflorescence; Inflorescence, appears to be flowers borne singly in leaf axils, but “leaves” are actually bracts in a terminal raceme; Bracts, 12 mm. × 1.8 mm., lanceolate, entire, tip rounded; Sepals, 4, 2.5 mm. × 0.8 mm. wide, united at base in pairs, entire, persistent; Corolla, 2.8 mm., white, fused at base, lobes, 4, 2 mm., tips rounded; Ovary, 1 mm. × 0.8 mm. wide, superior; Style, short, (0.1 mm.?), persistent; Stigma, entire, ball-shaped; Fruit, 3 mm. × 4 mm. wide, obovoid, in 2 parts; Ovules, many.

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