Eastern Mojave Vegetation Flower of Coll. No. 1141, Astragalus drummondii  


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  Fabaceae Astragalus drummondii
Scanned 16 October 2015.

This flower has been partially dissected.

  1. The calyx has been split and peeled back to the upper right.
  2. The banner has been lifted up to reveal the wings and keel.
  3. The wing on the front side has been removed and placed below the keel.
  4. The ovary, fused filaments, and anthers have been lifted out of the keel and placed in from of it.

Coll. No. 1141, 9 Jun 2015, characters observed: Perennial herb, to 35 cm., caulescent; Stem, rachis, abaxial leaf surfaces, and calyx spreading hairy, hairs basifixed; Leaves, cauline, compound, odd-pinnate, stipules, 9 mm., free, entire, leaflets, 23-27, 19 mm. × 5.5 mm. wide, wavy hairy abaxially and marginally, ±glabrous adaxially; Calyx, tube 6 mm. + lobes 3 mm. = 9 mm., green at base to cream color at tube and lobes, few dark wavy hairs, persistent; Corolla, 17 mm., color cream, banner, 17 mm., wings, claw 6 mm. + blade 9 mm., tip obtuse, keel, 14 mm., tip purple, Ovary, 9 mm.; Style, 4 mm., glabrous, persistent; Fruit, stalked 12 mm. + body 26 mm. × 4 mm. Wide, pendant, smooth, glabrous, not inflated.

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