Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 1225, Agrostis stolonifera  


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  Poaceae Agrostis stolonifera
Scanned 14 December 2015.

Coll. No. 1225, 16 Jul 2015, characters observed: Perennial grass, to 1 m., no sign of either rhizomes or stolons; Stem, nodes green; Leaves, sheath, open, glabrous at summit, ligule, membraneous, 4 mm., angled, auricles, 0 (double fold of proximal blade margin), blade, 85 mm. × 3.8 mm. wide, scabrous abaxially; Inflorescence, open panicle, 18 cm. × 14 cm. wide, deltate; Spikelets, 1 per node, on 1-3 panicle branches, axis not extended beside or above floret; Glumes, #2, 2.2 mm., ±equal, keeled, scabrous on keel, veins 1, awns 0, purplish; Disarticulation above the glumes; Florets, 1 per spikelet, bisexual; Lemma, 1.8 mm., transparent, except 3 green veins, awns 0; Palea, 1.5 mm.; Anthers, #3, 1.4 mm., tan with purple abaxially.

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