Eastern Mojave Vegetation Glandular teeth on leaf margin of Coll. No. 1354, Prunus pensylvanica  


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  Rosaceae Prunus pensylvanica
Microphotographed 19 November 2016.

Coll. No. 1354, 20 May 2016, characters observed: Small tree, to 3 m., branches unarmed; Leaves, petiole, 12 mm., very short hairy, blade, elliptic, 25 mm. × 20 mm. wide, margin, toothed, gland-tipped, veins of young leaves hairy abaxially; Flowers, clusters of 7-8 on pedicels to 14 mm.; Sepals, glabrous, few (2) glands on margins; Hypanthium, glabrous inside; Petals, 5-7 mm., white; Stamens, #12-15; Ovary, superior, glabrous; Style, #1, 4 mm., emerges from top of ovary; Fruit, unknown.

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