Eastern Mojave Vegetation Image of the original description of Swertia albomarginata.  


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  Image of the original description of <i>Swertia albomarginata</i>.
FRASERA ALBOMARGINATA. Slender, 2-3° high, glabrous, branching into an open panicle; branches and branchlets verticillate in fours or sometimes opposite; leaves verticillate in fours, narrowly oblanceolate, 2-4' long, 3-5" wide, obtuse or acute, margined with a silvery-white line and more or less undulate; upper leaves and bracts lanceolate from a clasping base, acuminate; pedicels spreading, 3-2' long; calyx-lobes 2-3" long, ovate-lanceolate; corolla 9" in diameter, the petals broad-oblong, acute, greenish yellow, dotted with black above the middle, the base deeper green; gland linear-oblong, fringed with a villous border, expanding at the top into a broad obcordate deep-green villous spot—Near St. George in Southern Utah, (Dr. Palmer, 1870.)

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  • Autecology of Desert Elkweed Frasera albomarginata S. Watson (Syn: Swertia a.) Gentianaceae in the American Southwest: taxonomy.

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