Eastern Mojave Vegetation Burma Road, Beaverhead and Madison Counties, Montana  

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• Montana Highway 91:   at Burma Rd;  

Junction: MT Highway 91

Literature Cited:
- Finzel, Emily S., and Justin A. Rosenblume, 2021.

Locations: Ziegler Gulch.  

Ziegler Gulch

Finzel & Rosenblume (2021) presented a proof of concept for estimating the depositional ages of carbonate lacustrine strata, suggesting a late Aptian - early Albian (ca. 115-110 Ma) deposition for most of the Kootenai Formation.


Junction: Sandy Hollow Road, to Box Spring. Possibly an alternate route to the Finzel & Rosenblume (2021) field location.

I assume this road also has a BLM designation.


Buffalo Jump


, to MT Highway 41, and then Twin Bridges to the northeast.

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