Eastern Mojave Vegetation Nevada Route 3C -- East Walker Road  

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Home Page  This page describes a route known sometimes at East Walker Road, and sometimes as Nevada State Route 3C. It runs from near Yerrington, south along the East Walker River and then Bodie Creek to Bodie.

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Junction: Nevada Highway 208
  Strosnider Ranch
  Junction: Minister Road, Reese River Road
  Canyon widens to the south
  Right angle bend.

Locations: East Walker River.  

Cross East Walker River
  Junction: Pine Grove Road
  Junction: National Forest Developed Road 130
  Hilton Road, Airport, road re-joins East Walker River.
  Wichman Canyon

Locations: East Walker River.  

Cross East Walker River
  Cross small draw, leave East Walker River.
  Road Junction
  Lyon County above.
Mineral County below.
  Small pass
  Mineral County above.
Lyon County below.
  Pass, 6,484 feet
  Lyon County above
Mineral County below.

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  • National Forest Developed Road 026
  • National Forest Developed Road 028

Literature Cited:
- Bell, John W., and P. Kyle House, 2007.

Locations: Bodie Creek.  

Somewhere along Bodie Creek is a probable debris flow deposit stidied by Bell and House (2007) in their study of the relationship between Plinian eruptions in the Mono Craters and overlying debris flow deposits.
  Junction: road to Aurora
  Del Monte, Aurora Creek, road to Aurora.
  Nevada above.
California below.
  Syndicate Mill

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Junction: CA Hwy 270
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