Eastern Mojave Vegetation "Shoshone Road," Nevada State Route 894, White Pine County, Nevada  

Tom Schweich  

Home Page  Across Spring Valley to the west flank of the Snake Range, and then south to Shoshone and Minerva.

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• U. S. Highway 93:   at NV S. R. 894;  

Junction: US Highway 93





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• Field Notes:   10-Jun-08;
• Swallow Canyon Access Road:   at NV SR 894;
Full Size ImageNorthern access road to Swallow Canyon, Nevada.  

Junction: Swallow Canyon Access Road, better access to Swallow Canyon than the road to the south, but signed "No Trespassing."

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• Swallow Canyon Road:  90000;  

Junction: Swallow Canyon RoadThis road follows the water works up the south side of the alluvial fan coming out of Swallow Canyon. The road does not enter the canyon.



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• Field Notes:  20080610030;

Locations: Minerva.
Full Size ImageMinerva, Nevada  


  End of Road

Junction: Indian Springs Road

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