Eastern Mojave Vegetation Jetty Road, Clatsop County, Oregon.  

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  Parking Lot

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Full Size ImageSouth jetty of Columbia River  

Parking Lot and Observation Tower

The initial 4.5-mile section of The South Jetty at the mouth of the Columbia River was completed in 1896, with a 2.4-mile extension completed in 1914. Eight subsequent repairs have also been completed (last one in 1982). Jetty stone placement at the South Jetty, to date, totals approximately 8.7 million tons. Approximately 0.8 mile of the outer tip of the jetty has eroded since initial construction and is no longer functional.

In 2006, the Army Corps of Engineers awarded a contract for the Mouth of the Columbia River South Jetty Interim Repair to Kiewit Pacific, of Vancouver, Wash. The interim repair contract will last two years with scheduled completion in October 2007

  Parking Lot
  Parking Lot
  Road or bike path.
  Burma Road or bike path.
  Russell Road

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