Thomas A. Schweich

                                                             3008 Fairview Avenue

                                                         Alameda, California  94501

Residence: 1-510-865-5778                            Mobile: 1-510-701-3418



GIS experience preparing maps of plant collection locations and analyzing plant distribution data with ArcGIS.  Additional GIS experience to define geographic boundaries of Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), geocode addresses of trained volunteers, and prepare lists of potential team members.

Field work experience in desert botany and vegetation, and herbarium curation of plant specimen vouchers.  Very familiar with the geography of California, including many wilderness areas. Data base experience with Microsoft Access.

Management and information systems experience with increasing responsibility within the trans­por­tation, biotechnology, and information technology industries.  Major strengths include management process, customer support, business analysis and problem solving.


Independent Botanist and Vegetation Analyst, Mojave National Preserve, CA, 1993-2008

  • Established experimental plots of Desert Elkweed Swertia albomarginata (S. Watson) Kuntze in the Mid Hills, Mojave National Preserve, California.  Individual plants are identified and physical size and life cycle data collected. Prepared location map with ArcMap GIS utilizing digital line graph, elevation model, and orthophoto data.  The study spans 12 years and is on-going. Presented paper (Schweich, 1999) at 1999 Desert Research Symposium. Republished paper at:

Reviewed herbarium specimens and online records, comparing reported geographic location to written location information throughout the southwestern United States.  Utilized Microsoft Access database to track locations, corrected locations, and updated taxa determinations. Imported table into ArcGIS, and projected the data with a custom projection defined to minimize area distortion in the natural range of the plant.  Added EarthSat image, highway locations, and administrative boundaries projected into the same custom projection.  Published resulting distribution map at: 

Prepared and presented poster about “Population dynamics of Desert Elkweed Swertia albomarginata (S. Watson) Kuntze in Mojave National Preserve” at the 2008 Desert Research Symposium, April 18-21, 2008 at the Soda Springs Desert Studies Center, Zzyzx, California. A copy of the poster is available at:

  • In the Hole-in-the-Wall and Wild Horse Mesa area of the now Mojave National Preserve, measured multiple transects in Pinyon-Juniper woodland, analyzed patterns of vegetation, analyzed weather data for nearby cooperative weather stations, and presented paper (Schweich, 1995) at the 1995 Desert Research Symposium. Prepared location map with ArcMap GIS utilizing digital line graph, elevation model, and orthophoto data. Republished paper at:
  • Repurposed one transect from the project above to study population dynamics of Salvia dorrii (Kellogg) Abrams ssp. pilosa (A. Gray) J. L. Strachan & Rev. Individual plants were identified. Physical size and life cycle data were collected annually for eight years. In 2005, the plot was burned by wildfire, effectively terminating the study. Now using the same plot to study fire recovery.  Some very preliminary results are published at:

·        To build the Carl Purpus web site (, designed, programmed in Visual Basic, and implemented a Microsoft Access data base containing web site elements such as articles, letters, locations, and collections. The data base automatically generates hypertext links from cross reference tables. 

Generalized the Microsoft Access database so that it can prepare multiple web sites of similar structure but different content. Now use the database to generate my personal web site ( and the Annie Alexander web site.  The database also integrates my field notes with voucher labels for my plant collections, observations and collections by others, and prepares geographical plant lists.

University And Jepson Herbaria, University of California, Berkeley, CA. Visiting Scholar and Research Associate, 1998-2008.

  • Prepared a proposal and received a Lawrence C. Heckard Memorial Fund grant to scan and process field notes and photographs from the 1939 and 1940 field notebooks of Annie Alexander and Louise Kellogg. Used the images to prepare a web site of text and commentary on the University and Jepson Herbaria web server.   The URL of the web site is:
  • Wrote and presented a paper about the Eastern Mojave Desert plant collections of Annie M. Alexander and Louise Kellogg (Schweich, 2001) at the 2001 Desert Research Symposium.
  • While a herbarium volunteer, mounted and strapped specimens from current backlog. Filed new vouchers and vouchers returning from loans. Checked determinations using Jepson Manual and online data bases, such as CalFlora, the USDA Plants data base, or Index Kewensis. Consulted with herbarium staff on difficult or unclear filing questions. Prepared genus and species folders when required for taxa new to the herbarium or when the number of vouchers exceeded existing folder capacity.

Soda Springs Desert Studies Center, Zyzzx, CA. Research Associate, 1996-2008.

  • Associated with the Soda Springs Desert Studies Center at the request of the National Park Service, so that my research in Mojave National Preserve could be tracked administratively. 
  • Continuing National Park Service-authorized research in Mojave National Preserve. This includes collecting field specimens, which are mounted and housed at the Mojave National Preserve herbarium at Zyzzx and UC Berkeley.

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Volunteer, Alameda, CA 2006-2008

  • Trained Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteer with the Alameda Fire Department for assignment to an Alameda CERT team.
  • Started a CERT team in my neighborhood, and continue as Team Leader.
  • Reviewed available data bases for tracking CERT volunteers and their training, recommended that a data base available from the Bergen, NJ, Fire Department be adopted. Wrote a requirements document and program document.  Modified the selected Microsoft Access database to meet the needs of Alameda CERT.  Implemented new database into daily business process of the Alameda Fire Department Disaster Preparedness Office.   Added function to print CERT volunteer badges from the database.  Added function to support Disaster Registry Program (assistance to residents unable to leave their home in an emergency).
  • Using ArcGIS, assisted CERT program managers to identify neighborhood teams based upon natural features, homeowner’s association boundaries, and neighborhood boundaries.  Geocoded the data base of trained volunteers, and provided team leaders with lists of trained volunteers within their team’s boundaries.

IBM Global Services, San Francisco, CA 1994 - 2007

  • For a major biotechnical firm, which has outsourced IT operations to IBM, managed the network team.  Assisted development of network strategy, defined network projects, prepared capital and operating budgets, initiated, managed and completed network expansion and improvement projects. Managed problem and change management processes, and made daily task assignments.  Defined management processes and wrote desk procedures for management of the customer network. 
  • Led an engagement to assess network and other IT infrastructure of a newly acquired subsidiary of a luxury goods retail business, designed a new network to corporate architectural standards, and specified hardware.  In continuing infrastructure consultant role, advised client on desktop and laptop issues, construction of a standard desktop image, implemen­tation of network services, and instal­lation and support of ware­house system comprised of RS/6000 servers and wireless handheld terminals. Defined resource requirements, located resources, and implemented support contracts. 
  • Led the Application Development Support Team of 8-12 technical staff for a complex e-Business marketing, order entry and order status application. Defined support roles and responsibilities, designed support and change management processes, determined requirements and built development and integration test environments. Established support, testing, code management, and system management processes for this application comprising four business units, with web, data base, transaction and ERP servers in UNIX, Windows NT and OS/390 environments running in four data centers.
  • For an international rollout of network, Exchange and desktops at a transportation company, wrote the proposals, and constructed the overall project plan. Managed the design of Local Area Networks for 105 locations, constructed a data base to contain site surveys, network designs, equipment specifications and configuration statements, managed the preparation of router and switch configurations, and prepared budgeting and financial reports from the data base.
  • For a transportation company, managed a portion of a cross-country data center relocation, focusing on the old data center operations and operations hand-off to the new data center staff.  Developed and executed project plan to de-install the old data center computer hardware, environmental equipment, fixtures and cabling, and return the floor space to the lessor.  Data center relocation was completed on schedule.  Old data center clean-out was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.
  • For a customer Network Systems Engineering group, analyzed business functions and assigned tasks, determined skills required in technical environments, measured actual skills and manpower hours worked, analyzed gaps in skills and manpower, recommended actions to close gaps.
  • Clarified management objectives for customer satisfaction measurement system, analyzed objectives from customer point of view, and determined that most management objectives did not translate well into customer terms.  Management chose not to proceed with measurement program because anticipated value would probably not be realized.

Southern Pacific Transportation Company, San Francisco, CA 1967 – 1994, with titles starting at Systems Associate, and ending at Manager, Office Systems and End User Support (1967 - 1994)

  • Guided and managed growth of end user computing to provide personal computer, local area network, integrated LAN services, electronic mail, and data administration services and support.  Consolidated three help desks into one location, cross-trained support staff on multiple platforms, designed and installed multiple-split automatic call director (ACD), problem management and customer satisfaction measurement. 
  • Conducted numerous Industrial Engineering and Operations Research studies in the functional areas of railroad operations, logistics, equipment maintenance, crew dispatching, and financial analysis.  Techniques applied include linear pro­gram­ming, simulation, operation analysis, multivariate statistics, and cash flow analysis.


Certificate in Fundamentals of ArcGIS Desktop, ESRI, Redlands, CA

M.B.A. University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

B.S. - Industrial Engineering, California State Polytechnic College, San Luis Obispo, CA



Schweich, Thomas A. 2008. Population dynamics of “Desert Elkweed” Swertia albomarginata (S. Watson) Kuntze Gentianaceae in Mojave National Preserve, California.  Poster. 2008 Desert Research Symposium, Zzyzx, California, April 18-21, 2008.

Schweich, Thomas A. 2001. The Eastern Mojave Desert plant collections of Annie M. Alexander and Louise Kellogg, 1939-1941. The Changing Face of the East Mojave Desert. California State University, Desert Studies Consortium.

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