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Sam R.  

Home Page  Sam and I (Tom Schweich) have corresponded a few times about Winkler's Cabin, and Sam asked me to post a few of his photographs. I'm happy to do that, but I would prefer to let Sam tell you about them himself. So, with Sam's permission, I edited his email, and posted it with the photographs.

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Iíd appreciate it if you would give some thought to posting these photos because doing so would put a small amount of humanity into what the sign says, ďTake what you need, leave what you can.Ē Because after taking so much pleasure from what others had done before us ó and for so many others; the pictures show one small group giving something back by leaving what we could ó 5 gallons of paint and a few gallons of sweat.
  Following are four pictures of the time from Easter 1988 when five of us took the paint to the cabin. You obviously already have plenty of "before" pictures so I won't sent my own.
  Below from left to right are my son Rob R and myself Sam R, Brooke and Mike R [no relationship] and the photographer is Steve K. Itís been 26 years since and I sure wish I still looked like when I was young and in shape. Although I can state [honestly] that my hair is still brown and the same amount.
  Rob working while I superintend, who knew that your picture containing a mattress frame had ever been useful as a ladder?
  The finished product. I think it took 3 Ė 4 days during which Iíve never [before/since] seen paint sucked into the wood so quickly. The two in this picture are my 10YO son Rob R and myself Sam R. We tried to paint the wood eves but all that did was suck in the paint with no visible effect.
  And if youíre interested in Mayflower history my son and I are direct descendants [great &etc Grandsons] of the Pilgrimís minister, John Malcolm Robinson in Plymouth England, whose son is one of the first Pilgrims. And this trip was also the first time I took my son hunting which is an awesome gift from ancestors going all the way back to Plymouth Rock and back down to my father, to myself and then to my son. So from Plymouth Rock to Winklerís Cabin ó and I canít think of a place any better than this cabin for something heíll always remember ó and has now taught to his own sons. The reason I emailed you is because Rob just asked me how to get to the cabin site so he can take his sons to their and share the history with them. Since I only knew from memory it led me to finding your webpage. Or you might just care to just say that two Mayflower descendants helped paint the cabin, it may be of interest to other visitors to your website. And then again it might not.
  At the time I wished he would have copied his Old Man and worn Levis but then when I first went shooting with my Dad I didnít wear what he did either. And since Iím the Cubs Fan I can hardly disapprove of him wearing my tee shirt.
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