Eastern Mojave Vegetation Forest Road 173 “Roaring Creek Road,” Roosevelt National Forest, Larimer County, Colorado  

Tom Schweich  

Home Page  East-west through Nunn Creek basin, the Bald Mountains, and then CR 162 Manhattan Road.

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• County Road 86:   at FR 173;  

Junction: County Road 86 “Deadman Road,” near Deadman Hill

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• Colorado Trans-Basin Water Transfer:   Columbine Ditch;

Locations: Columbine Ditch.
Full Size ImageLocation of Columbine Ditch  

Cross Columbine Ditch. This is below the drainage divide into the North Fork of the Cache la Poudre River.
  Junction: Forest Road 318, west, first along the slope above Columbine Ditch, then eventually to Forest Road 319 “Nunn Creek Road.”
  Junction: Forest Road 173-A, in the direction of a ridge to the south.
  Curves around a hill to the southwest and enters the Roaring Creek Drainage.
  Junction: Forest Road 193-D, northeast in the direction of an unnamed hill. Maybe actually FR 173-D

Other articles:
• Forest Road 517:   at FR 173;  

Junction: Forest Road 517 “Elkhorn Baldy Road”
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