Eastern Mojave Vegetation Forest Road 319 “Nunn Creek Road,” Roosevelt National Forest, Larimer County, Colorado  

Tom Schweich  

Home Page  From Deadman Road (CR 86) south into the Nunn Creek Basin to the Nunn Creek Trail.

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• County Road 86:   at FR319;  

Junction: County Road 86 “Deadman Road”
  Junction: Forest Road 319D, west then down into Deadman Park.
  Junction: Forest Road 332, east to CR 86 near Deadman Hill.
  Junction: Forest Road 318A

Locations: Deadman Creek. Deadman Park.  

Deadman Creek, south end of Deadman Park.
  Junction: Forest Road 319F, west along Deadman Creek.
  Junction: Forest Road 319C, about a mile west.
  Junction: Forest Road 318, east in the direction of Columbine Ditch and FR 174 “Roaring Creek Road”

Other articles:
• Forest Road 517:   at FR 319;  

Junction: Forest Road 517 “Elkhorn Baldy Road”, generally east past the Bob Creek Ditch.
  Junction: Forest Road 177A & 319E
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