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• U. S. Hwy 89:  Mt. Carmel Jct.;  

Mt. Carmel Jct.

Junction: U. S. Highway 89.
  • North, through Panguitch to Sevier Junction at US I-70,
  • South and east, to Flagstaff, Arizona.
Zion National Park below

Literature Cited:
- Loope, David B., James F. Elder, Vitaly A. Zlotnik, Richard M. Kettler, and Darryll T. Pederson., 2013.  

Loope, et al., 2013, recorded a Jurassic earthquake as evidenced by multiple generations of sand blows in the Navajo sandstone. Their sites A (37.2098,-112.9149) and B (37.2050,-112.9343) are just south of the highway.



Zion - Mount Carmel Tunnel




Literature Cited:
- Biek, Robert F., Grant C. Willis, Michael D. Hylland, and Helmut H. Doelling, 2003.

Other articles:
• Frasera albomarginata:   at Coalpits Wash;

Locations: Zion National Park.  

Zion National Park

Geology of Zion National Park in Biek, et al., 2003.
  Zion National Park above







Locations: Rockville.  



Other articles:
• Frasera albomarginata:   at Wire Mesa;

Locations: Wire Mesa.  

Junction: Bridge Road, south across the Virgin River, to Grafton Road, which gives access to Wire Mesa where Frasera albomarginata has been collected.

Literature Cited:
- Sorensen, F. Wendy, 2001.  

Grafton across the Virgin River.



Other articles:
• Frasera albomarginata:  151510;   at Coalpits Wash;

Locations: Coalpits Wash.
Full Size ImageCollection No. 184, Coal Pits Wash, Utah.  

Coalpits Wash

There are numerous collections of Frasera albomarginata from Coalpits Wash. The southern border of Zion National Park is right at the fence line just north of the road.





Other articles:
• Kolob Road:   at Utah Hwy 9;  

Junction: Kolob Road. On a trip we took this road to Lava Point, Kolob Reservoir then over the top of the Mesa to Cedar City.



Other articles:
• Utah Highway 17:  La Verkin;

Locations: La Verkin.  

La Verkin

Junction: Utah Highway 17, north to US Interstate 15, and then to points further north.

Locations: Virgin River.  

Virgin River.



Other articles:
• Utah Highway 59:  Hurricane;

Locations: Hurricane.  


Junction: Utah Highway 59, southwest to the Arizona border near Colorado City, Arizona.

Also to AZ Highway 389, to Fredonia, Arizona, and Kanab, Utah.

Other articles:
• Interstate 15:   at Exit 16;  

Junction: U. S. Interstate 15.
  • South, to Saint George, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.
  • North, to Cedar City, Salt Lake City, and Canada.
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