Eastern Mojave Vegetation Wyoming Highway 230 East, Albany County, Wyoming  

Tom Schweich  

Home Page  Wyoming Highway 230 has two segments, this one, the eastern segment, from Laramie to Woods Landing and to the Colorado State line, and the western segment between WY 130 to Riverside and then the Colorado State line.

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• Wyoming Highway 130:   at WY 230 E;  

Junction: Wyoming Highway 130

Woods Landing - Jelm


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• WY Highway 10:   at WY 230E;  

Junction: Wyoming Highway 10, south to Colorado.

Locations: Mountain Home.  

Mountain Home

  Wyoming above
Colorado below

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• CO State Highway 127:   at Wyoming state line.;  

Junction: Colorado State Highway 127, southwest to CO SH 125 and Walden, CO
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