Eastern Mojave Vegetation Arizona Highway 64  

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• U. S. Hwy 89:   at AZ64;  

Junction: US Hwy 89, just south of Cameron.

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• Field Notes:   24 Nov 2019;
Full Size ImageLittle Colorado River Gorge Overlook  

Little Colorado River Gorge Overlook


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• Field Notes:   24 Nov 2019;

Locations: Desert View.
Full Size ImageAt Desert View  

Desert View


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• Forest Road 310:   at AZ 64;  

Junction: Kaibab Forest Road 310 "Coconino Rim Road", to a collecting locality of Frasera speciosa


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• Field Notes:   24 Nov 2019;

Locations: Grandview Point.
Full Size ImageSofia at Grandview Point  

Grandview Point




Literature Cited:
- Post, Douglas M., 1956.

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• Field Notes:   24 Nov 2019;
• Frasera albomarginata:   at Grand Canyon;

Locations: Grand Canyon.  

Grand Canyon

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Beyond the rail at Grand Canyon.
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At Grand Canyon

There are numerous collections of Frasera albomarginata made at the Grand Canyon and the immediate surrounding area.

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• Frasera albomarginata:   at Rowes Well;

Locations: Rowes Well.  

Picnic Area along Arizona Highway 64.

Approximately 4 miles west of here is Rowes Well, where a collection of Frasera albomarginata was made.



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• US Highway 180:   at Tusayan;

Locations: Tusayan.  



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• Forest Road 302:   at AZ 64;  

Junction: Forest Road 302, follows Coconino Wash partway then climbs to Coconino Rim.



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• US Highway 180:   at airport;

Locations: Grand Canyon National Park Airport.  

Grand Canyon National Park Airport


Other articles:
• US Highway 180:   at AZ Hwy 64;  

Junction: US Hwy 180, south east to Flagstaff.
  • Pipeline Road, to the northeast.
  • 736 Road, to the southwest.

    Deaver #2909 of Frasera speciosa was made on "Pipeline Road," San Francisco Mountain. It seems doubtful that this is the location or that this is the pipeline.

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    • Forest Road 141:   at AZ64;  

    Junction: Forest Road 141, "East Spring Valley Road"

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    • U. S. Interstate 40:   near Williams;  

    Junction: US Interstate 40
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