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Home Page  Flagstaff through Oak Creek Canyon to Prescott.



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• U. S. Interstate 40:   at Flagstaff;  


Junction: Interstate 40

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• Forest Road 3:   at AZ 89A;  

Junction: Forest Road 3
  Junction: US Interstate 17

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• Field Notes:   31-May-08 above Oak Creek Canyon;

Locations: Oak Creek Canyon.
Full Size ImageOak Creek Canyon from Overlook  

Oak Creek Canyon Overlook

Locations: Sterling Spring.  

Sterling Spring Fish Hatchery, a collecting locality of Frasera speciosa.

Locations: Oak Creek Lodge. West Fork Oak Creek.  

Oak Creek Lodge

Literature Cited:
- Post, Douglas M., 1956.

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• Frasera albomarginata:   in Oak Ck Cyn;

Locations: Oak Creek Canyon.  


Locations: Grasshopper Point.  

Grasshopper Point

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• Field Notes:   31-May-08 in Oak Creek Canyon;
• Frasera albomarginata:   in Oak Ck Cyn;

Locations: Midgely Bridge.
Full Size ImageFrasera albomarginata habitat in Oak Creek Canyon, but no Frasera albomarginata  

Midgely Bridge Picnic Area.

No Frasera albomarginata; although others have collected it here.



Locations: Sedona.  


  Summit, near Potato Patch.

Locations: Burnt Tank.  

Junction: Forest Road 104

Burnt Tank is down this road, and then Forest Road 413. There is a collection of Frasera speciosa from Burnt Tank.

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• Arizona Highway 89:   at AZ Alt-89;  

Junction: Arizona Highway 89
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