Eastern Mojave Vegetation Island Drive, Alameda, California  

Tom Schweich  

Home Page  Island Drive is one of three streets to enter the Community of Harbor Bay. The other two are Doolittle Drive to Harbor Bay Parkway, and Ron Cowan Parkway to Harbor Bay Parkway.

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• Doolittle Drive:   at Island Dr;  

Junction: Doolittle Drive

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• Veterans Court:   at Island Dr.;  

Junction: Veterans Court

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• Robert Davey, Jr. Drive:   at Island Dr;  

Junction: Robert Davey Jr. Drive

Full Size ImageBicycle path across Robert E. Davey Drive.  
Bicycle path north across Robert Davey Jr Drive. Bicyclists are directed into the crosswalk.
  • Oyster Shoals
  • Clubhouse Memorial Drive

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• Maitland Drive:   at Island Dr;  

Junction: Maitland Drive
  Junction: Garden Road

Full Size ImageIsland Drive, north of Mecartney Road  

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• Mecartney Road:   at Island Dr;

Locations: Bay Farm Island, City of Alameda.  

Junction: Mecartney Road

Full Size ImageMap for Alameda CERT Exercise
Full Size ImageIsland Drive, south of Mecartney Road  
View of Island Drive to the south, and map of neighborhood bounded by Island Drive and Mecartney Road.
  Junction: Dahlia Drive
  Junction: Eugenia Court
  Junction: Fir Avenue
  Junction: Phoenix Lane

Full Size ImageIsland Drive, as seen from Catalina Avenue  

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• Catalina Avenue:   at Island Dr;  

Junction: Catalina Avenue
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