Eastern Mojave Vegetation California Highway 14  

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• U. S. Highway 395:   at CA Hwy 14;  

Junction: US Highway 395, north up the east side of the Sierra Nevada to Reno, Nevada, and beyond.

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• CA Hwy 178:   at CA Hwy 14;  

Junction: CA Highway 178, East, through Inyokern and Ridgecrest in the direction of Death Valley.

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• CA Hwy 178:   at CA Hwy 14;  

Junction: CA Highway 178, West, over Walker Pass to Bakersfield.

Locations: Robber's Roost.
Full Size ImageRobbers Roost from California Highway 14  

Robbers Roost



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• Maps:   4 Apr 2009;
Full Size ImageField Trip Day 1  

Red Rock Canyon

Field Trip Stop 1-2 of the 2009 Desert Symposium. Review the basalt outcrop of west-dipping Dove Spring Formation of the Miocene Ricardo Group.

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• Redrock Randsburg Road:  10000;  

Junction: Redrock Randsburg Road, to Randsburg and US Hwy 395, and Garlock Road.
  Junction: Jawbone Canyon Road

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• Field Notes:  17-Apr-08;

Locations: Jawbone Canyon.
Full Size ImageCA Hwy 14 at Pine Tree Canyon  


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• Field Notes:   at Pine Tree Cyn;

Locations: Fremont Valley.
Full Size ImageFremont Valley from the mouth of Pine Tree Canyon  

View of Fremont Valley from mouth of Pine Tree Canyon.

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• Pine Tree Canyon Road:   at CA Hwy 14;
• FAQ:  Pine Tree Canyon;  

Junction: Pine Tree Canyon Road

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- McGill, Sally F., Stephen G. Wells, Sarah K. Fortner, Heidi Anderson Kuzma, John D. McGill, 2009.

Locations: Koehn Lake.  

Junction: Philips Road, west to Neuralia Road, which leads south to California City.

About 1 1/4 mi to the northwest is the mouth of the informally named Clark Canyon. Here, McGill, et al. (2009) presented a slip-rate estimate for the western Garlock Failt that is constrained by radiocarbon dating. They found that a channel incised into a Latest Pleistocene alluvial fan has been left laterally offset at least 66 6 m and no more than 100 m across the western Garlock fault. This indicates a left-lateral slip rate of 7.6 mm/ yr (95% confidence interval of 5.310.7 mm/ yr). The record of prehistoric earthquakes on the Garlock fault at this site, though quite possibly incomplete, suggests a longer interseismic interval (12002700 yr) for the western Garlock fault than for the central Garlock fault.

To the east, the western portion of the Garlock Fault dips under Koehn Lake. There is an apparent 3.5 km-wide left step in the Garlock Fault that separates the western section from the central section. Koehn Lake occupies the center of a large closed depression that has formed within the 3.5 km-wide dialational stepover in the fault.



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• California Highway 58:  Mojave;

Locations: Mojave.  


Junction: California Highway 58, west to Tehachapi, Bakersfield and US Hwy 101 at Santa Margarita; or east to Boron and US I-15 at Barstow.



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- Settle, Glen A., 1967.

Locations: Rosamond.  



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• California Highway 138:   at CA Hwy 14 N;  

Junction: California Highway 138, west to US Interstate 5 near Gorman.

Locations: Antelope Valley.  




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Locations: Lancaster.  



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• California Highway 138:   at 10th St W;
• 10th St W:   at CA Hwy 14;  

Junction: 10th Street West



Locations: Palmdale.  



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• California Highway 138:   at CA Hwy 14 S;
• Palmdale Blvd:   at CA Hwy 14;  

Junction: California Highway 138, east through Littlerock and Pearblossom to US Interstate 15 near Cajon Pass.



Locations: Vincent.  



Locations: Acton.  

Junction: Crown Valley Road, to Acton.

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• U. S. Interstate 5:  65000;  

Junction: US Interstate 5
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