Eastern Mojave Vegetation Forest Road 1S13, Mono County, California  

Tom Schweich  

Home Page  From California Highway 120 near Mono Mills, past Little Sand Flat, to Bald Mountain Road (1S05).

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• California Highway 120:   at FR 1S13;  

Junction: California Highway 120, near Mono Mills.

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• Forest Road 01S92:   at 1S13;  

Junction: Forest Road 01S92 “Old Railroad Loop Road”

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• Forest Road 1S06:   at FR 1S13;
• Field Notes:   13-Aug-08;
Full Size ImageIntersection of 1S06 and 1S13  

Junction: "120 Cutoff," Forest Road 1S06



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• Field Notes:   13-Aug-08;

Locations: Little Sand Flat.
Full Size ImageMono Craters west of Little Sand Flat.  

Little Sand Flat


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• Forest Road 1S88:   at 1S13;  

Junction: Forest Road 1S88

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• Forest Road 1S05:   at 1S13;  

Junction: "Bald Mountain Road," Forest Road 1S05
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