Eastern Mojave Vegetation Vinyard Canyon Road, Monterey County, California  

Tom Schweich  

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• Parkfield-Coalinga Road:   at Cholame Rd;
• Cholame Road:   near Parkfield;  

  • Cholame Road, south to California Highways 41 and 46 near Cholame.
  • Parkfield Coalinga Road, across the bridge to Parkfield, then over the Diablo Range into the San Joaquin Valley.

Full Size ImageRoad junction near Parkfield  

Other articles:
• Slacks Canyon Road:   at VinyardCyn;  

Junction: Slacks Canyon Road

Full Size ImageRanch house along Vinyard Canyon Road.  
Ranch house in Vinyard Canyon.

Locations: Vinyard Canyon.  

  Junction: Cross County Road
  Monterey County above
San Luis Obispo county below

Full Size ImageCamp Roberts across the Salinas River  

Full Size ImageSalinas Valley near San Miguel  

Other articles:
• Indian Valley Road:   at Vinyard Cyn Rd;  

Junction: Indian Valley Road, to Peach Tree Road in Peach Tree Valley, and then to California Highway 25, which follows the San Andreas Fault Zone all the way past Hollister to US Highway 101.
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