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Home Page  Indian Valley Road connects the very southern end of Peachtree Valley with the Salinas Valley, near San Miguel.

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Full Size ImageIntersection of Peachtree Road and Indian Valley Road.  

Junction: Peach Tree Road

Full Size ImageView from the pass where Peach Tree Road becomes Indian Valley Road.  

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Full Size ImageWhimsical fish hanging out in a tree.  

This whimsical fish was just hanging out in the tree as I drove by. It took me a few seconds to realize what I was seeing. So I had to stop and turnaround and go back to take this photo.

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Junction: Big Sandy Road

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Full Size ImageView of farm in Indian Valley.  


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Full Size ImageView of Indian Valley.  

This photo of lower Indian Valley shows the stream bed far exceeds the capacity of the stream, and that the hills are already starting to turn brown.

Locations: Big Sandy State Wildlife Management Area.  

Big Sandy State Wildlife Management Area.

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Junction: River Road, across the Salinas River into San Miguel, or south to Paso Robles.
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