Eastern Mojave Vegetation Box Canyon Road, Riverside County, California  

Tom Schweich  

Home Page  East and west through Box Canyon. Formerly part of California Highway 195.

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• US I-10:   at Cottonwood Sprs Rd;  

Junction: US Interstate 10
  Enter Box Canyon below.

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• Field Notes:  22 May 2018;
Full Size ImageField trip stop for Shavers Valley Playa and lacustrine sediments.  

Shavers Well. To the east is a small dry lake in a closed basin on a trace of the Hidden Springs Fault.
  Hidden Spring Trail.



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• Field Notes:   23 May 1993;

Locations: Mecca Hills.
Full Size ImageOutcrop of Bishop Ash in the San Andreas Fault Zone of the Mecca Hills.  

Mecca Hills

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Shutter ridge on the San Andreas Fault in the Mecca Hills.
Full Size Image
Mike Rymer at an outcrop of the Bishop Ash in the Mecca Hills.
  Jeep trail north.
  Mouth of Canyon.
  Painted Canyon Road.
  Cross Coachella Canal.
  Arthur Road / Coachella Canal Road

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• 66th Avenue:   at Box Canyon;  

Junction: 66th Avenue, straight ahead into Mecca, Garfield Street, north and south.
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