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Round Valley Serpentinite Mélange
 Tehama County Route runs westward from Paskenta, skirting around the north edge of the Thomes Creek basin to the Pacific-Sacramento divide just south of the junctions of Tehama, Trimity and Mendocino counties.
  • Forest Route M2
  • Forest Route 24N06
  Whitlock Campground
  • Patton Mills Road

    This is the south flank of Round Mountain. The peak is 0.1 mile north.




Literature Cited:
- Huot, F., and R. C. Maury, 2002.  

Round Valley Serpentinite Mélange

Huot and Maury (2002) studied the Round Mountain serpentinite mélange west of Paskenta. They found that the Round Mountain mélange was a middle Jurassic backarc basin that lay west of the ensimatic Smartville island arc that was later involved in the Sierra Nevada orogeny. Subsequent collapse of the backarc basin initiated Franciscan subduction. The Round Mountain serpentinite mélange was formed by underthrusting of the upper part of the backarc crust followed by its tectonic accretion to the overriding lithospheric wedge.
  Junction: Forest Road 24N09, about 1 mile to Eagle Peak.



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  • Tehama County Route A9, to U. S. Interstate 5 at Corning.
  • Tehama County Route 55, to Round Valley.
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