Eastern Mojave Vegetation Social Trail (Arapahoe St. to N. Rubey Dr.), Golden, Jefferson County, Colorado  

Tom Schweich  

Home Page  From N. Rubey Drive to Arapahoe Street. Almost entirely on land owned by the Villas at Canyon Point LLC. Although the present use is a surge pond and the watercourse of Nightbird Gulch.

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Full Size ImageBeginning of building at 148 Washington Avenue.  

Junction: N. Rubey Drive

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Full Size ImageGrate off.
Full Size ImageGrate off.  

Surge pond drain. The grate from this drain is often removed and thrown down into the bottom of the drain.

Full Size Image
Location of the missing grate; down in the drain.
Full Size Image
Grate off.
Full Size Image
The surge pond grate is not bolted down.
  Path to Golden Park Drive.

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Full Size ImagePath between Arapahoe Street and N. Rubey Drive.  

Looking southeast on path to Arapahoe Street.

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Junction: Arapahoe Street
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