Eastern Mojave Vegetation Bloody Canyon, Mono County, California.

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See also: Mono Basin. Upper Mono Basin. Walker Creek (Lower). Walker Creek (Upper).

See also: Bloody Canyon (upper). Walker Lake.

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Canyon, south of Lee Vining Canyon, and north of June Lakes Loop.

Named in memory of an Indian massacre in which the Mono Indians killed many Awahnee, after the Awahnee stole many horses, blanket, and supplies.

Elevation: 7224ft, 2202m.

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  • TAS – The plant was collected by Tom Schweich.
  • Oth – The plant was collected by someone, but not Tom.
  • Obs – The plant was observed, but not collected.


Pellaea breweri D. C. Eaton. Brewer's Cliffbrake (Oth)


Juniperus occidentalis Hook. Western Juniper (Oth)


Ephedra viridis Cov. Green Ephedra (Oth)


Pinus contorta Loudon murrayana (Grev. & Balf.) Critchf. Sierra Lodgepole Pine (Oth)


Angelica lineariloba A. Gray. Poison Angelica (Oth)

Osmorhiza occidentalis (Nutt.) Torr. (Oth)


Sphaeromeria cana (D. C. Eaton) A. Heller. Gray Chickensage (Oth)


Artemisia ludoviciana Nutt. incompta (Nutt.) D. D. Keck. White Sagebrush (Oth)


Erigeron clokeyi Cronquist pinzliae G. L. Nesom. Clokey's Fleabane (Oth)

Erigeron compositus Pursh. Cutleaf Daisy (Oth)

Erigeron coulteri Porter. Large Mountain Fleabane (Oth)

Ericameria discoidea (Nutt.) G. L. Nesom. Whitestem Goldenbush (Oth)

Ericameria parryi (A. Gray) G. I. Nesom & G. I. Baird aspera (Greene) G. L. Nesom & G. I. Baird. Rough Rabbitbrush (Oth)

Ericameria parryi (A. Gray) G. I. Nesom & G. I. Baird (A. Nelson & P. B. Kenn.) G. I. Nesom & G. I. Baird monocephala (A. Nelson & P. B. Kenn.) G. I. Nesom & G. I. Baird. One-Headed Rabbitbrush (Oth)

Erigeron pygmaeus (A. Gray) Greene. Pygmy Fleabane (Oth)

Solidago elongata Nutt. (Oth)

Symphyotrichum spathulatum (Lindl.) G. L. Nesom. Western Mountain Aster (Oth)


Cirsium scariosum Nutt. congdonii (Moore & Frank.) Keil. Meadow Thistle (Oth)


Senecio fremontii Torr. & A. Gray occidentalis A. Gray. dwarf mountain ragwort (Oth)

Tetradymia canescens DC. Spineless Horsebush (Oth)


Cryptantha circumscissa (Hook. & Arn.) I. M. Johnst. Cushion Cryptantha (Oth)

Cryptantha torreyana (A. Gray) Greene. Torrey's Cryptantha (Oth)

Hackelia floribunda (Lehm.) I. M. Johnst. Many-Flowered Stickseed (Oth)

Phacelia bicolor Torr. ex S. Watson bicolor. Two-Color Phacelia (Oth)

Phacelia hastata Douglas ex Lehm. compacta (Brand) Cronquist. Compact Phacelia (Oth)

Phacelia humilis Torr. & A. Gray. Low Phacelia (Oth)

Phacelia ramosissima Douglas ex Lehm. Branching Phacelia (Oth)

Tiquilia nuttallii (Hook.) A. T. Richardson. Nuttall's Crinklemat (Oth)


Descurainia californica (A. Gray) O. E. Schulz. Sierra Tansymustard (Oth)

Thelypodium crispum Payson. Crisped Thelypody (Oth)


Astragalus lentiginosus Hook. ineptus (A. Gray) M. E. Jones. Freckled Milkvetch (Oth)

Lupinus lepidus Douglas ex Lindl. confertus (Kellogg) C. P. Sm. Crowded Lupine (Oth)


Gentianella amarella (L.) Börner acuta (Michx.) J. M. Gillett. Autumn Dwarf Gentian (Oth)

Gentianopsis holopetala (A. Gray) H. H. Iltis. Sierra Fringed Gentian (Oth)


Ribes cereum Douglas. Wax Currant (Oth)

Ribes inerme Rydb. inerme. White Stem Gooseberry (Oth)


Linum lewisii Pursh. Prairie Blue Flax (Oth)


Malacothamnus hallii (Eastw.) Kearney. (Oth)

Sidalcea oregana (Torr. & A. Gray) A. Gray spicata (Regel) C. L. Hitchc. Oregon Checkerbloom (Oth)


Gayophytum decipiens H. Lewis & Szweyk. Deceptive Groundsmoke (Oth)


Argemone munita Durand & Hilg. Flatbud Prickly Poppy (Oth)


Penstemon rostriflorus Kellogg. Bridge Penstemon (Oth)

Veronica scutellata L. Skullcap Speedwell (Oth)


Collomia linearis Nutt. Tiny Trumpet (Oth)

Eriastrum wilcoxii (A. Nelson) H. Mason. Wilcox's Woollystar (Oth)

Polemonium occidentale Greene. (Oth)


Rumex paucifolius S. Watson. Alpine Sheep Sorrel (Oth)


Aquilegia pubescens Coville. Sierra Columbine (Oth)

Delphinium glaucum S. Watson. Sierra Larkspur (Oth)

Ranunculus aquatilis L. diffusus With. Threadleaf Crowfoot (Oth)


Cercocarpus ledifolius Nutt. ledifolius. Curl-leaf Mountain Mahogany (Oth)

Dasiophora fruticosa (L.) Rydb. Shrubby Cinquefoil, Golden Hardtack (Oth)

Potentilla biennis Greene. Biennial Cinquefoil (Oth)

Potentilla breweri S. Watson. (Oth)

Purshia tridentata (Pursh) DC. tridentata. Antelope Bitterbrush (Oth)

Rosa woodsii Lindl. ultramontana (S. Watson) Roy L. Taylor & MacBryde. Mountain Rose (Oth)


Platanthera dilatata (Pursh) Lindl. ex Beck leucostachys (Lindl.) Luer. Sierra Bog Orchid (Oth)



Stipa comata Trin. & Rupr. Needle and Thread (Oth)

Stipa hymenoides Roem. & Schult. Indian Rice Grass (Oth)


Maianthemum stellatum (L.) Link. Starry False Lily of the Valley (Oth)

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