Eastern Mojave Vegetation Grant Lake, Mono County, California.

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See also: Rush Creek.

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Reservoir on Rush Creek.

There was a dam at Grant Lake before it became a reservoir for the LADWP. Increased irrigation demands in the early part of the twentieth century prompted the construction of a dam at Grant Lake in 1915 which was subsequently enlarged in 1926.

Elevation: 7136ft, 2175m.

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Literature Referring To This Location:

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Area Plant Lists that contain this location:

Species collected at or near this location.

This list summarizes plants collected or observed at this specific, named location. It does not include plants collected or observed at nearby named or unnamed locations. It may be more instructive to use the Area Lists that contain this location.

  • TAS – The plant was collected by Tom Schweich.
  • Oth – The plant was collected by someone, but not Tom.
  • Obs – The plant was observed, but not collected.


Juniperus grandis R. P. Adams. Sierra Juniper, Western Juniper (TAS+Oth)


Pinus contorta Loudon murrayana (Grev. & Balf.) Critchf. Sierra Lodgepole Pine (Oth)



Artemisia tridentata Nutt. tridentata. Big Sagebrush (Oth)


Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus (Hook.) Nutt. viscidiflorus. Yellow Rabbitbrush (Oth)



Hemizonella minima (A. Gray) A. Gray. Opposite-leaved Tarweed (TAS)


Tetradymia canescens DC. Spineless Horsebush (TAS+Oth)


Phacelia humilis Torr. & A. Gray. Low Phacelia (Oth)

Phacelia humilis Torr. & A. Gray dudleyi J. T. Howell. Dudley's Phacelia (TAS)

Phacelia ramosissima Douglas ex Lehm. Branching Phacelia (TAS)


Lupinus argenteus Pursh heteranthus (S. Watson) Barneby. Tailcup lupine (Oth)


Monardella follettii (Jeps.) Jokerst. Follett's Monardella (Oth)


Mentzelia congesta Torr. & A. Gray. United Blazing Star (TAS)


Abronia villosa S. Watson. Desert Sand Verbena (Oth)


Taraxia tanacetifolia (Torr. & A. Gray) Piper. Tansy-Leaved Suncup (TAS)


Castilleja chromosa A. Nelson. Desert Indian Paintbrush (Oth)

Castilleja linariifolia Benth. Wyoming Indian Paintbrush (Oth)


Eriogonum baileyi S. Watson baileyi. Bailey's Buckwheat (Oth)

Eriogonum elatum Douglas ex Benth. elatum. Tall Woolly Buckwheat (TAS)

Eriogonum umbellatum Torr. nevadense Gand. Sulphur-Flower Buckwheat (TAS+Oth)

Eriogonum umbellatum Torr. umbellatum. Sulphur-Flower Buckwheat (Oth)


Holodiscus discolor (Pursh) Maxim. microphyllus (Rydb.) Jeps. Ocean Spray (TAS)


Populus tremuloides Michx. Quaking Aspen (Oth)

Salix. Willow (TAS)

Salix lutea Nutt. Yellow Willow (Oth)

Salix scouleriana Barratt ex Hook. Scouler's Willow (Oth)


Heuchera rubescens Torr. Pink Alumroot (TAS)



Alopecurus carolinianus Walter. Carolina Foxtail (Oth)


Bromus carinatus Hook. & Arn. marginatus (Steud.) Barkworth & Anderton. (Oth)


Melica stricta Bol. Rock Melicgrass (TAS)


Stipa comata Trin. & Rupr. Needle and Thread (Oth)

Stipa nevadensis B. L. Johnson. Nevada Needlegrass (Oth)


Hordeum brachyantherum Nevski. Meadow Barley (Oth)

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