Eastern Mojave Vegetation Dolmen de Matarrubilla, (Sevilla), Andalucia, Spain.

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The Matarrubilla Dolmen was discovered in 1917, also as a result of some agricultural tasks. It is just one kilometer in a straight line from La Pastora,

As a funerary corridor and circular chamber structure with a total length of 32 meters, Matarrubilla approaches La Pastora in grandeur. It differs fundamentally because in the chamber is a great block of black marble, carved and with a recess of several centimeters on the upperpart, that probably fulfilled functions of table of offerings or altar. Undoubtedly it is a ritual element that already had great importance in the design and planning of the monument, since its placement, occupying much of the space of the chamber, must have occurred before the erection of the roof in a false dome.

The funeral deposit found in Matarrubilla was quite scarce. In the plundered chamber were scrambled and fragmented remains of pottery and some human bones. In the corridor, some materials were in situ, including stone tools, a large number of fragments of gold lamellae, some ivory objects (including an elephant tusk in the rough, unworked) and several thousands of necklace beads. Only one complete skeleton was found, halfway down the corridor and in a cramped position. The relatively low number of burials and grave goods and the presence of the altar or offering table that so clearly dominates the space available in the vaulted chamber of the monument suggests that, indeed, a monument such as Matarrubilla may have played the role of a temple or ceremonial enclosure besides (or perhaps more than) a sepulcher ( https://www.rutasconhistoria.es/loc/dolmen-de-matarrubilla ).

Elevation: 464ft, 141m.

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