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  Triceratops Trail
Photographed 21 December 2019.

Welcome to Triceratops Trail
Things to See ...

This one-mile trail winds through an old clay mine, owned and operated byt the Parfet family from the 1870's to the 1990's. The signs along this trail help interpret the evidence left by dinosaurs, other animals and plants of Late Cretaceous time.

Trace fossils resulting from animal activity as well as leaf and log impressions are useful in reconstructing prehistoric environments.

  1. Clay Pit Overlook. The clay pit offers a view of dinosaur tracks, evidence of a stream and an area trampled by dinosaurs.
  2. Duckbill Tracks and Other Traces. This site features different types of dinosaur tracks.
  3. Clay Mining. The narrow pits were mined many years ago. Tree trunks were wedged between the sandstone walls for the safety of the miners.
  4. Geologic Overlook. This site provides a general overview of the geology of Golden.
  5. Triceratops Tracks. Natural casts of tracks of horned dinosaurs, probably Triceratops, appear on the sandstone wall.
  6. Palm Fronds & Bird Tracks. Impressions of palm leaves as well as dinosaur and bird footprits can be seen here.

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