Eastern Mojave Vegetation Reveal, Moulton and Schuyler (1999) on Salvia reflexa.  


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  Lamiaceae Salvia reflexa
173. Salvia reflexa Hornem.

Salvia reflexa Hornem., Enum. Pl. Hort. Hafn., rev. ed.: 34. 1807.
Salvia trichostemmoides Pursh, Fl. Amer. Sept.: 19. Dec (sero) 1813. - LECTOTYPE: PH-LC 199 (Moulton 156b), designated here! DUPLICATE OF THE LECTOTYPE: PH-LC 198 (Moulton 156a).
Pursh provides a full description of his new species. Meehan (1898: 39) lists only PH-LC 198, apparently unaware of PH-LC 199 from Lambert. He refers the specimen to Salvia lanceolata Willd. (Enum. Pl.: 37. 1809), a later name for S. reflexa. The Lewis type was collected at the Big Bend of the Missouri River in Lyman Co., South Dakota, on 21 Sep 1804 (Moulton, 1987a: 96-99). Epling (in Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. 60: 103. 1939) did not differentiate among the syntypes when he indicated the type was at PH.

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