Eastern Mojave Vegetation Plaque at Mule Mountain Archaeological Area  


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  California, Riverside County, Palo Verde Mesa, Mule Mountain Archaeological Area
Photograph taken April 20, 2008.

Mule Mountain Archaeological Site
This terrace contains a branching Indian trail and trail circle worn into the desert pavement. Although the purpose of trail circles in not definitely known, then may have been used by the Indians for performing dances called "circle dances." The terrace also contains groups of circles in parallel rows and horseshoe shapes scraped into the pavement surface. When these circles were made or for what purpose is at present unknown. They may be aboriginal or they may be a result of General Pattons' desert training activities during World War II. The terrace has been fenced to protect these cultural manifestations from damage by wheeled vehicles.

For further information contact the nearest BLM office or the patrolling ranger.

Cultural resources are protected by the 1979 Archaeological Resources Protection Act.

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