Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 1064, Ericameria nauseosa ssp. graveolens  


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  Asteraceae, Ericameria nauseosa graveolens
Photographed 17 September 2014.

This collection was made just below the Mitchell Elementary School yard, at the intersection of Illinois Street and 4th Street.

Collection No. 1063, 17 September 2014, characters observed: Perennial shrub, woody at base, to 1 m., sprawling to erect; Stem covered with felt-like tomentum (long hairs infiltrated with resin, must scrape with knife to expose); Leaves, alternate, lance-linear, 70 mm. × 3 mm., not twisted in the manner of some related species, upper surface tomentose, margin entire; Heads discoid (with only disk flowers), cymose at ends of branches, narrowly tubular; Involucre 8 mm., not spiny; Phyllaries in 3 vertical ranks, outer << inner, keeled, some with few short hairs; Receptacles not chaffy, but have some short (<0.5 mm.) appendages between flowers; Flowers #5; Corolla tube (i.e., petals united at base) 7.5 mm. + lobes #5, 1 mm., glabrous throughout; Ovary inferior; Pappus of bristles, 6-7 mm., white; Stamens 5; Anthers connate (united), 2 mm., acute at base; Style 11 mm., branches half-round in cross-section, stigmatic 1 mm. + appendage 2 mm., glabrous inside, uniformly short hairy on outside, tips rounded; cypselae, all similar in shape, 5 mm., short hairy;

Not known from California. In Ackerfield (2012), Asteraceae, Key 2, 15a-b, a question of how tomentose the stems and leaves are made keying tricky.

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