Eastern Mojave Vegetation 4th Street, Golden, Jefferson County, Colorado  

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Full Size ImageColl. No. 1064, Ericameria nauseosa ssp. graveolens  

Intersection: Illinois Street

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Full Size Image1004 4th Street.
Full Size Image1004 4th Street  

1004 4th Street

In September, 2020, this little 792 s.f. single family house built in 1954 on a 4645 s. f. lot has had its roof and siding ripped off. There is a broken bathtup leaning up against the house. A re-roof permit was issued 21 April 2020. (At this writing, 13 March 2021, the situation remains unchanged.)

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Foundation at 1004 4th Street.
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Plumbing in the lower level of 1004 4th Street.
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1004 4th Street under construction.
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1004 4th Street.

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Full Size ImageCheyenne St. at 4th St.  

Intersection: Cheyenne Street

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Intersection: Arapahoe Street

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Locations: Nightbird Gulch.
Full Size ImageDeer in Nightbird Gulch off 4th Street.  

End of street.
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