Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 1009, Rumex triangulivalvis  


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  Polygonaceae Rumex triangulivalvis
Photographed 19 February 2015.

Coll. No. 1009, 22 July 2013, characters observed while keying: Perennial, to 15 cm., growing beside distributary of Mill Creek; Main stem, herbaceous (not clearly woody), decumbent; Leaves, cauline, lance-linear arcuate, 80 mm. × 10 mm. wide, 8 × longer than wide, margins wavy, adaxial surface sparsely short-hairy, esp. mid-rib, abaxial sparsely cobwebby, esp. mid-rib, petiole, 45 mm., not jointed; Inflorescence, monoecious, axillary, dense, interrupted; Flower, inner perianth lobes 3, 3 mm. × 1.8 mm. wide, triangular, notched bear base, tip acute, tubercule (callosity) 1 × 3 inner lobes = 3, ± equal, width 0.3 mm., 1/6 lobe, minute warty, outer perianth lobes mostly deteriorated and easily overlooked; Stamens, 6, yellow; Styles, 3, fringed; Seed, 3-angled, 1.4 mm × 0.7 mm. wide, brown.

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