Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 987, Mentzelia monoensis  


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  Loasaceae Mentzelia monoensis
Photographed 25 February 2015.

Coll. No. 987, 20 June 2012, characters observed while keying: Annual, to 40 cm., branched near base; Stem, white-tan, with few barbed hairs; Leaves, cauline, alternate, simple, lanceolate, 30–40 mm. × 11 mm. wide, pinnately lobed, barbed hairs abaxially, less dense adaxially; Floral bracts, 5 mm., not concealing fruit, entire, base white, margin green, barbed hairy; Perianth, 2 or more whorls, 5×n parts; Flowers, open; Petals, free, 4 mm. × 3 mm. wide, obovate, yellow distally, darker proximally; Stamens, many, inserted on hypanthium (not petals); Ovary inferior; Pistil 1; Style, 1, 2.5 mm.; Fruit, 9 mm. × 2 mm., cylindric; Seeds, > 1 row above mid-fruit, coat cells domed (not pointed).

In the TJM2 key to Mentzelia, this collection gets lost at 33-33' because the bracts are entire, but the white base is conspicuous, while the fruit is small. In the key supplied in Brokaw & Hufford (2011), this collection keys fairly easily into 8' M. monoensis.

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