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  Colorado, Park County, Como
Photographed 19 Sep 2016.

Roundhouse At Como, Colorado
Built in 1881, by the Denver, South Park, and Pacific Railroad, this six bay stone roundhouse served as their division repair shops. Como was a division point on the narrow gauge railroad, with tracks running to Denver via Kenosha Pass, to Leadville and Breckenridge via Boreas Pass, and to Gunnison via South Park and the Alpine Tunnel.
The Union Pacific Railroad gained control of the DSP&P in 1881. In 1889, the DSP&P was reorganized, and became the Denver Leadville & Gunnison Railroad. Over the next decade, two wooden additions, totaling thirteen bays, were added to the roundhouse. The Union Pacific lost control of the DL&G Railroad in 1893, and in 1899, the DL&G was incorporated into the new Colorado & Southern Railway Company. The roundhouse continued its period of growth through several modifications to the building. The facility, and town of Como, reached their peak in 1910, at which time the Alpine Tunnel closed due to a cave-in. Around 1918, the wooden additions were cut down to just 3 bays, and in 1935, those 3 bays burned to the ground.
In 1938, the last train pulled out of Como, taking up the rail behind it, and ending Como's life as a railroad town. Although the stone section did survive the fire, it condition deteriorated as it was modified for use as a warehouse, sawmill, and barn. In May of 1983, the Como Roundhouse was registered as a national historic site. In 1984, it was purchased by William Kazel, under whose supervision, restoration work began in 1985.
Dedicated June 21, 1997 by
E. Clampus Vitus, Matt Warner, Chapter #1900
and Al Packer Outpost #100

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    Como, Park County, Colorado

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  • Boreas Pass Road, Summit County Road 10 and Park County Road 33, Summit and Park Counties, Colorado: in Como.
  • Field Notes: 19 Sep 2016, in Como.

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