Eastern Mojave Vegetation Boreas Pass Road, Summit County Road 10 and Park County Road 33, Summit and Park Counties, Colorado  

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Home Page  From CO Highway 9 just south of Breckenridge to US Highway 285 near Como. Generally follows the former route of the Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad over Boreas Pass.

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• CO Highway 9:   at Boreas Pass Rd;  

Junction: Colorado Highway 9

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• Field Notes:   at Bakers Tank;
Full Size ImageBakers Tank  

Bakers Tank

Bakers Tank
Mile Post 102.16
This tank served the Denver, South Park and Pacific, narrow gauge R. R. (later the Colorado and Southern) from Como to Leadville. The R. R. had 63.83 miles of track and 435 curves. The longest stretch of straight track was 1.6 miles. This line was begun October 2, 1880 and completed February 5, 1884. It was abandoned April 10, 1937. Tank restored by Summit County in 1958.



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Locations: Boreas Pass.
Full Size ImageCS 8311 at Boreas Pass  

Boreas Pass

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Section House at Boreas Pass
Boreas Pass, Elevation 11499 ft / 3505 m.
  Summit County above
Park County below

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• Field Notes:   along road;
Full Size ImageAspens along Boreas Pass Road.
Full Size ImageSouth Park from Boreas Pass Road  


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Locations: Peabodys.
Full Size ImageRoberts Cabin at Peabodys  

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View northwest up North Tarryall Creek from Roberts Cabin at Peabodys.
Roberts Cabin, available for rental.



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• Field Notes:   19 Sep 2016, in Como;

Locations: Como.
Full Size ImageInterpretive sign for Como Roundhouse  


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The roundhouse in Como.
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• US Highway 285:   at CR 33;  

Junction: US Highway 285
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