Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 1553, Brickellia eupatorioides  


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  Asteraceae Brickellia eupatorioides
Photographed 23 January 2017.

North Table Mountain, adjacent to the North Table Loop, 285 m. north of the USBR monument designated “North Table,” 1.8 km. north of the GNIS location of Golden. 39.7716°N, 105.2182°W. WGS 1984 Elev. 1953 m. Common in bed of ephemeral stream, in an upper portion of a watercourse draining southeast to Clear Creek through an unamed canyon. Many Eriogonum alatum at this location.

Coll. No. 1553, 1 Sep 2016, characters observed: Perennial herb, to 40 cm.; Leaves, alternate, short-petioled (2 mm.), 48 mm. × 7 mm. wide, lanceolate, tip obtuse, margin entire, glandular-punctate, sparsely strigose; Inflorescence, corymbiform, heads in groups of 4-5; Involucre, 8.5 mm. × 6 mm. wide; Phyllaries, 3+ series, graduated, 2-8.5 mm. × 0.5 mm. wide, prominently veined “longitudinally striate,” margin scarious, tip acuminate to spinulose; Receptacle, epaleate; Disk flowers, #19, corolla, 7 mm., yellow; Pappus, plumose bristles, 6 mm.; Cypsela, many ribs (maybe 10).

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