Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 1954, Lupinus argenteus rubricaulis  


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  Fabaceae Lupinus argenteus rubricaulis
Photographed 26 December 2018.

Coll. No. 1954, 20 June 2018, characters observed: Perennial herb, to 70 cm., caulescent, erect; Stem, not winged, hairs basifixed; Leaves, compound, palmate, stipules, free, 4 mm., petiole, 25-60 mm., blade, largest, 60 mm. × 100 mm. wide, leaflets, #7, largest, 57 mm. × 17 mm. wide, margin, entire, petiole and abaxial surface short straight appressed hairs, adaxial glabrous; Inflorescence, raceme, 30+ flowers, bract, 4 mm., pedicels, 0-4.5 mm. as flowers mature, Calyx, asymmetric, 4.5 mm., hairs simple; Flower, zygomorphic, banner, 8 mm., reflexed distal ⅔ (±3 mm. from tip), giving shallowly gaping appearance, back has a few hairs, wings, claw, 2.5 mm., + blade 8 mm. = 10.5 mm., keel, 9.6 mm., glabrous throughout, white to dark blue, tip erect; Ovary, 4 mm. × 0.7 mm. wide, glabrous.

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