Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 2090, Bromus carinatus  


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  Poaceae Bromus carinatus
Photographed 21 October 2019.

Coll. No. 2090, 26 June 2019, characters observed: Annual/Perennial unknown (planted Spring 2019), height 60-90 cm., clumped; Leaves, sheath and blade differentiated, soft; Sheath, 80 mm., closed, generally glabrous, except collar somewhat hairy; Ligule, membraneous, 2 mm.; Auricles, absent; Blade, 140 mm. × 7 mm. wide, flat, scabrous, mid-rib prominent; Inflorescence, 1 per culm, >leaves, panicle, 180-200 mm. × 40-90 mm. wide; Rachis, not extended, minutely scabrous on abaxial side; Spikelets, many (#22-26), 36 mm. × 11 mm. wide, similar, 1 per node; Compression, lateral; Disarticulation, between the florets; Glumes, lower, 9.5 mm., veins, #5, distinct, upper, 12 mm., <lowest floret, veins, #7, distinct keeled, membraneous, awns, 0, margins short ciliate; Florets, 6 per spikelet; Rachilla, exposed, scabrous on abaxial side, not extended; Lemma, 13 mm., broad, 2.5 mm. midvein to margin, >glumes,ovate, keeled distally, finely short hairy throughout, veins, #9, glabrous, margins, scarious, tip, entire, awns, #1, 8 mm., straight, attached near tip; Palea, 7 mm., <lemma, keel, ciliate, veins, green, margin, glabrous, tip, entire; Anthers, 3.6 mm., yellow; Ovary, hairy. Keys poorly in most Colorado floras, but quite nicely to B. carinatus var. carinatus in the Jepson Manual, in good part by the length of the lemma awn. Regardless, I think this is very likely a commercial hybrid used in revegetation.

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