Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 2422, Solidago gigantea  


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  Asteraceae Solidago gigantea
Photographed 28 December 2020.

Native and Naturalized Flora of the Golden Area, Jefferson County, Colorado

Solidago gigantea Aiton.  Giant Goldenrod.

Deadman Gulch, Jefferson County, Colorado. In Deadman Gulch (Kinney Run) between US Highway 6 and Eagle Ridge Drive, on the edge of the perennial creek, around the retention pond, and further upstream along the creek, 3.17 km. south of the GNIS location of Golden. 39.7341N, 105.2155W. WGS 1984 Elev. 1793 m. Inflorescence full of little crab spiders colored the same yellow as the corollas.

Collected by permit: City of Golden, 2020, issued: Apr 9, 2020, to: Tom Schweich.

Tom Schweich 2422. 17-Aug-2020

Coll. No. 2422, 17 Aug 2020, characters observed: Perennial herb, 60 cm. (growing on a steep stream bank); Stem, glabrous, becoming hairy in the inflorescence; Leaves, basal unknown, cauline, alternate, petiole, 5 mm. or subsessile, blade, 90 mm. × 15 mm. wide, distally reduced in size but abundant, lanceolate-elliptic, entire, ciliate with small curved hairs, distally widely-spaced serrate; Inflorescence, pyramidal, paniculate, ±secund; Peduncles, 3-5 mm.; Involucre, 3 mm. × 4 mm. wide, spheric(?), lightly glandular; Phyllaries, unequal, 2+ series, lower <rest of involucre, green to chartaceous, margins flat; Receptacle, very short scales(?), definitely not flat; Flowers, of 2 kinds; Rays, #11, tube 2 mm. + blade 1.5 mm. × 0.3 mm. wide, yellow, fertile; Disk flowers, #7 tube 2.8 mm. + lobes 0.9 mm., throat expanding gradually, yellow, open, bisexual; Pappus, bristles, 2.8 mm., equal; Stamens, not tailed; Style, 2-branched, ±brushlike appendages; Stigma, 0.5 mm., >style appendages (0.4 mm.); Fruit, 1 mm., hairy, beak-less.

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