Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 212, Physalis crassifolia  


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  Solanaceae Physalis crassifolia
Scanned 10 Jan 2014.

Coll. No. 212, 26 April 2000, characters observed: Annual/Perennial, subshrub, to 20 cm., root/rhizome unknown, sparsely hairy; Leaf, alternate, ovate, petiole 15 mm. + blade 12 mm. × 8 mm. wide, margin entire to wavy; Pedicel, 10-13 mm. in flower and fruit; Calyx, in fruit bladder like; Corolla, rotate, 9-10 mm., limb 10 mm., pale yellow, not spotted adaxially, tube not hairy (s/b hairy); Filaments, sparsely hairy near bases; Anthers, 2 mm., < filaments, opening from tip to near base, not twisted after opening; Fruit, a berry, 10 mm.

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