Eastern Mojave Vegetation Collection No. 493, Bassia hyssopifolia  


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  Chenopodiaceae Bassia hyssopifolia
Scanned 3 March 2011. Background grid is 10 x 10 to the inch.

Coll. No. 493, 12 Apr 2012, characters observed: Annual, to 25 cm., hairs simple; Stem single erect, or branched at base 90° and ascending, not jointed or fleshy, nodes without spines, hairy; Leaves alternate, well-developed, without stipules, well-developed, 7 mm., lanceolate, entire, weakly fleshy, veins obscure, hairs appressed, proximal narrowed at base, distal not clasping, hairs appressed; Inflorescence in axillary clusters; Flowers with calyx, bisexual, no tubercules, hooks, or appendages visible; Calyx, lobes 5, hairy1, not bristly or spine-tipped, little red things among hairs that could be developing tuberucles or hooks1; Petals 0; Styles, 2; Stamens 5; Fruit, unknown, not developed; Seed, unknown, not developed;

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