Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 515, Juncus mexicanus  


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  Juncaceae Juncus mexicanus
Scanned 17 March 2011. Background grid is 10 x 10 to the inch.

Coll. No. 515, 2 Aug 2007, characters observed: Perennial, from long robust creeping rhizomes, terrestrial plant of wet places, to 50 cm.; Stem and leaves not differentiated, upper stem twisted; Inflorescence, bract, 7 cm., cylindric; Perianth appearing to be a single whorl, scale-like, 5 mm.; Flowers, bisexual; Stamens 6, some sometimes smaller or abortive(?); Pistil 1; Stigmas 3; Fruit, capsule, 3-angled; Seeds, 40-50.

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